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Finally, Australia’s Newest Herbalist, Who Studied Under the Great Dr. Richard Schulze, is Now Offering His Miracle Secret Herbal Formulae to the Public!

I am really delighted that we are able to get fresh herbal preparations from the reliable source of Eureka Wellness. I’m particularly pleased that we have access to Dr Schulze products without excessive transport costs. The cleanses are great to have on hand. I really like the Eyebright which has reduced my eye pressure considerably. The Echinacea gives me energy and Stephen’s Mountain Nutrition gives me confidence that I’m getting all my nutritional needs. In fact, I’m really pleased with all the products and the service is prompt, too. Thanks, Stephen.

Dot L., NSW

1032 customers have turned to us when unable to obtain Dr. Schulze’s original products from American Botanical Pharmacy.

They have been THRILLED with the the quality and effectiveness of our products, while saving themselves BIG BUCKS!

When using our products you will be astounded by how similar they are to Dr. Schulze’s original formulae. They are so similar, in fact, that they will give you the EXACT, SAME Dr. Schulze healing experience:

  • The same Dr. Schulze herbal passion put into every product
  • Superior quality herbs carefully sourced from around the world for maximum effectiveness.
  • Herbal products for elimination that significantly increase your bowel movements and get you HEALTHY.
  • A high octane, highly nutritious super food formula with the world’s most nutrient-rich plants.
  • Extremely powerful circulatory formulae, equivalent to Dr. Schulze’s and for a fraction of the cost due to importing.
  • Expel toxins with any of our 5, 10 or 30-day detox programs.
  • Expel those terrifying parasites from your body with our very own anti-parasite package.
  • Male and female formulae for balancing hormones, reducing stress, regaining stamina and skyrocketing your sex-drive.
  • A high octane, highly nutritious super food formula with the world’s most nutrient-rich plants.

Discover The Australian Solution to Ending Your Health Problems Indefinitely

The 5 Essentials for Powerful Health:

#1. Nutrition

Our bodies are so nutrient starved with the quality of our food being attacked from all sides. Foods that have been sprayed with chemicals, made from genetically-modified ingredients, and injected with steroids, hormones and antibiotics.

Then there are man-made nutritional supplements. These are isolated chemicals that can not be used by the body, but which millions of people worldwide waste their money on, daily, believing they are helping their health.

In contrast, by offering a powerhouse of nutrient-dense foods, your cells can rebuild themselves, eliminate diseased or weakened tissues, and give you energy like you have never felt before!

# 2. Elimination

From the decayed and decrepit junk food lining our grocery store shelves, to the tonnes of constipating cheese, milk and steaks we intake, our intestines are overworked, clogged up and undernourished. In order to have lasting health, this rubbish, often decades old, must leave our bodies, or our they will deteriorate along with it.

There is no better combination of herbs on the planet to do this job than that which Dr. Schulze developed in his clinic and taught to his students. Our Colon Detox is the best for its price in Australia, bar none, and uses the same combination of herbs found in Dr. Schulze’s intestinal detox.

# 3. Immune Boosting

Finally, there is a chance for you to make it through the cold and flu season, without so much as a sniffle. Our bodies get extremely overworked in our fast-paced society.

Nothing is more critically important to your overall good health and well-being than a highly-functioning immune system.

When this system is working in tip top shape, it will kill off every invader without you even realising. Without this army in your body being fed, nourished and cared for, you are vulnerable to attack and sickness.

The remarkable immune-boosting formulae in our store replicate Dr. Schulze’s almost exactly. The herbs we use, famous for their immune-boosting properties, are your greatest chance at fighting back against viruses, bacteria and fungi so you do not miss a day of work.

#4. Detoxing

All the greatest healers, like Dr. Schulze and Dr. Christopher, knew that blockage is the root of every disease. Every one of the 37.2 trillion cells in our human body creates metabolic waste. This waste must be carried out of the body, or it builds up and you will get weak, tired, diseased and can even die.

Your body uses the kidneys, liver, skin and lungs as elimination channels for this waste. It goes without saying, that these must be cleansed periodically to achieve their highest potential at protecting you.

# 5. Specifics

After addressing the first 4 essentials for powerful health: nutrition, elimination, immune boosting and detoxes, the specifics are added in.

These specifics are different, depending on each individual’s symptoms and causes, while the first 4 essentials are necessary for everybody, regardless of their illness or disease. Many problems can be eliminated with just the first 4 essentials alone.

However, if there is more work that needs to be done before a patient’s body can fully repair itself, then the specifics are added in. Sometimes an organ might need more work to be fully healed and for inflammation and pain to leave the body.

Some conditions that may require more specific additions to the program include circulatory problems, mental health, degenerative nerve conditions, breathing and lung problems, deep tissue injuries, as well as a range of skin conditions.

100% Organic or Wild-Crafted Ingredients

Absolutely NO GMO or Fillers

Here are just some of the amazing products we offer:

Mountain Nutrition (Superfoods)

Never use another supplement again! Dr. Schulze developed this unprocessed, ORGANIC and 100% assimilable superior nutrition for the body. No added fillers, dyes or natural flavors. 1 serving provides your entire daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
Australia’s # 1 source of superfoods

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Not specifically a Dr. Schulze line, but many health practitioners estimate that EVERYONE has some parasites in their body. Kill them of at every stage of their life cycle, and eliminate them from the body, with this powerful but natural formula. Parasites can cause a range of health problems, and ridding your body of them may be the key to unlocking your health!

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5-Day Colon Detox

Here’s Dr. Schulze famous faecal buster. This is the advanced bowel cleanse program and consists of Colon Detox #1 and Colon Detox #2. Completing this program will help to remove backed-up toxic waste, heavy metals, poisons, radiation and pharmaceutical residues from your body, as well as compacted faecal matter that, in many cases, is DECADES-OLD!

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5-Day Liver Detox

Remove dangerous contaminants from your liver, and dissolve calcifications and mineral deposits from your gallbladder. This detox program contains Detox Tea, Liver-Gallbladder Formula and Detox Formula.

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Nature's Vitamin C

A completely natural, 100% assimilable Vitamin C complex to boost the immune system, perfect for during the cold and flu season. Contains some of the richest plant sources of this essential vitamin.

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Tooth and Gum

Helps to reverse damaged, disease, bleeding and inflamed gums, and maintain good tooth and overall oral health. Its pleasant taste also serves as an effective breath freshener, without the toxic effects of commercial mouth washes.

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The Same Amazing Results…Like Clockwork

All I can say is wow. I was so constipated and the Colon Detox really did me well. I am eliminating like I am supposed to now.

Teresa P, Craigieburn, Vic

The Tooth Formula is excellent. My teeth, from the very first day, had less sensitivity enabling me to eat foods (dried fruits) that would normally give me some problems. It seems more concentrated than another similar product that I have tried, and I believe your product to be better. Would definitely purchase this product again

Jane P, NSW

I understand you might be a little reluctant to trust our products. After all, Dr. Schulze is the best in the world, right? Don’t worry, you can try us completely RISK-FREE!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

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There are only two basic requirements for every miracle success story. I believe you may already have one of them.

Let me show you the other.

Dr. schulze

About the Formulator:

Hi there, health seeker!

My name is Stephen Mocko.

I am your friendly family herbalist who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I have been making effective, all-natural, chemical-free herbal formulae for over 15 years now.

There is nothing I enjoy more in my life than making high-quality products that will get you well.


You see, I studied under some of the greatest herbalists of the 20th century. One of these, of course, is the great Dr. Richard Schulze. The other was his teacher, Dr. John Christopher.

Throughout my career as a herbalist, I have helped many people overcome their difficulties. These have ranged from simple colds and flus all the way to cancers and neuromuscular diseases. I, like Dr. Schulze and Dr. Christopher, come from the belief that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. I also come from the belief that your body CAN heal itself if only it is given the right conditions.

The philosophy of Dr. Schulze is not a new one. Dr. Schulze learned from many of the greats of his time.

The people I have helped, turned to me after their doctor’s prognosis almost led them to give up on their health.

Using the power of nature, I have helped them to find their way back to wellness, so they feel more energetic and younger than they have for years.

Up until now, I have kept the secret of long-lasting health to myself and my clients.

I now want to bring it to you.

On my journey to becoming a herbalist I discovered many amazing things. One of these was lost ancient herbal formulae that cannot be found in any of the modern herbal books taught in the modern herbal colleges.

No, rather, these formulae have been handed down through the people who made it their life’s vocation to help sick people get well. Dr. Schulze was such a person. Dr. Schulze gave hope to countless sick, dying people.

I have been taught by some of North America’s top herbal healers about how to make the most potent and the strongest herbal formulae that are completely safe and all-natural. Dr. Schulze’s formulae are among the best combinations of herbal medicines that exist today.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life helping people with many issues. What I enjoy most is teaching people:

  • How to take their health back, the way nature intended
  • How to eliminate many household ailments with just “weeds” found in any backyard.
  • The secret tricks to having healthier and more vibrant skin with simple remedies found in the spice cabinet.
  • How to tackle devastating diseases head-on: diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, crippling arthritis and other “incurable” conditions.

I have learned that if you compromise on quality, you compromise on your integrity. In simple terms, this means you or I will never get healed. This is a principle I hold dear to my heart.

I promise that I will never use nasty chemicals that aggravate the very thing we are trying to heal. You will never see a GMO ingredient in my products.

I use only organic or wild-harvested herbs in all my products.

No isolated or synthetic chemical are ever used. Only ingredients in their whole and complete state. This is so that your body can absorb 100% of the herbs.

I am hoping you will take a journey with me and make an investment in your health. I have not had a dissatisfied customer with products yet!

I am so certain you will join my long list of clients who are blown away by the results they see, that I am willing to bet my money on it, with my 90-day money back guarantee!


Want a Private Consultation With Australia’s Best Herbalist?

  • Has conflicting advice left you confused

    If you know your diagnosis I am able to help in countless ways. Being trained under the greatest herbalists allows me to help you regain your health with simple, yet highly effective secret remedies taught by Dr. Schulze. If you think your problem is too complicated or too serious, think again. You’ll get the best in herbal medicine and care for any issue.

  • Finally, someone who tells you the truth

    Medical doctors and a lot of natural practitioners will lie to you. And if they are not lying then they are ignorant of the basic healing methods the body can provide. I offer you methods that are never used by the majority of ‘natural’ healers, who are unaware of just how effective they really are. They are truly Healing Secrets.

  • Let's balance your body

    I am positive you are here because nothing the doctors or anyone else has done has helped you. Am I right? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect detox and you are not sure where and how to start. Well, you have come to the right place if you are looking to put out the flames of your illness using clinically-proven programs.

  • Bookings made easy

    Booking a time is really easy and convenient. You just give me a call at 03 9995 0107 and we can set an appointment. You can also contact me here. You have my direct line.

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Disclaimer: These products have not been approved by the FDA, TGA or any alphabet agency. These are food for your body, not a drug that needs approval.