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Who want to stomp out unwanted and rocky emotions, reduce menstrual irregularities, stop heavy bleeding while managing all of life’s changes, from puberty to menopause and beyond.

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I noticed a massive change in my premenstrual emotions, I had more stability in my emotions and was able to work with them at any given time. There was no longer an emotional roller coaster... And they weren't lasting no where near as long. I felt more in control of myself.

Hailey Davis, Montrose, Vic

WARNING: Scientists Agree that Doctor-Prescribed Hormone Medication Causes Cancer

Did you know that most medications from your doctor to control your hormones or Hormone Replacement Therapies are made from horse urine? How gross is that? But  it gets worse. Scientists for the Women’s Health Institute had to shut down their study early because of the damage this therapy did. What they found was that this treatment:

  • Unbalances your hormones even further by adding an over-abundance of synthetic oestrogen.
  • Facilitates the growth of uterine fibroids and cysts.
  • Leaves you extremely susceptible to an increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Causes a significant surge in your risk of stroke and access blood clotting.
  • Uses molecules not naturally found in the human body.
  • Increases the risks of coronary heart disease, the biggest killer in the Western World.
  • Yet, doctors STILL prescribe it despite knowing the damage is causes!!
  • Women who take this treatment should consider it a miracle if they DON’T get sick.

Here is a Lasting, Natural Solution

This Formula is Specially
Designed to Benefit Women of All Ages

During Puberty

Using this herbal formula in the early stages of puberty will bring fabulous results. Every amazing plant in our product has been traditional used for centuries to:

  • Allow young girls’ hormones to gently adjust to their maturing bodies.
  • Reduce excess sweating while saying good bye to acne.
  • Allow a more controlled and healthy weight gain, to help you feel more self-confident around your class mates.
  • Help with a smooth transition into your menstrual cycle and avoid the ups and downs this time often brings.
  • Become a strong, confident young lady ready to conquer your world.
  • Emotional issues will not be the same as you look at your friends and say to yourself, “Why are they crying over something so small?”
  • Being slow to anger and more emotionally-balanced with your family will make life more peaceful for everyone!

As a Growing Woman

When your oestrogen and progesterone levels become unbalanced, you can become as touchy as a cantankerous old man! This miraculous product is used to:

  • Balance oestrogen and progesterone to their natural levels.
  • Help you feel more interested in your daily life to get more accomplished.
  • Banish those emotions of feeling lost, sick, dreadful, angry, frustrated, and hopelessly out of control.
  • Minimise those wretched hot flashes, regardless of the temperature in the room!
  • Maintain your relationships and bring back a sense of  peace.

Into The Aging Years

There is good news for you. This amazing formula has helped thousands transition into the delicate and often dreaded stage of menopause. Woman from centuries past have used the herbs in this formula to:

  • Regain your emotions to a point where you have total control.
  • Stop pushing your loved ones away so they still feel valued and appreciated.
  • Put a halt on panic or anxiety attacks.
  • Bring nausea to a minimum or even say goodbye to it completely.
  • Shed that excess weight that has been creeping up on you.
  • Slash your hot flushes by up to 80%.

At Last! Maintaining Healthy Relationships Has Never Been this Easy

When your body is transitioning to a new stage of life, whether you are a teenager, middle-aged or menopausal, it is hard for the people around you to understand what is happening to you and why you are changing.

You may feel alienated from those who love you.

You may feel alone, as if you are a stranger in your own home.

Finally there is a great formula that works faster than hormone replacement therapy, with the added bonus of being TOTALLY natural and so much better for you.

It will help you maintain a greater level of control over your feelings and emotions, making life easier on you and those closest to your heart.

100% Organic or Wild-Crafted Ingredients

Absolutely NO GMO

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is one of the most commonly-used herbs among women worldwide. It is said that Dong Quai is used by over 1 billion women. A double-blind placebo study showed that there was an 80% decline in menopausal symptoms such as sleep disturbances and fatigue with this herb’s continued use.

Chaste Tree Berry

This amazing herb will blow you away with all of it uses for PMS and other hormonal irregularities in women. This astounding plant has been used for hundreds of years, and for good reason.
One recent double-blind placebo study showed a significant decrease in PMS symptoms in women using Chaste Tree Berry.

Wild Yam

Wild Yam is a plant that contains a chemical known as diosgenin, a precursor hormone that acts in a similar manner to oestrogen. For this reason, it is often used as a natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy in menopausal women to ease unpleasant symptoms such as hot flushes, and increase energy levels.

Licorice Root

Licorice has an alterative action on the metabolism of oestrogen. In other words, when oestrogen levels are too high it will lower them, and when they are to low it will increase them.
Premenstrual Syndrome has been attributed to a disruption in the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone. Licorice helps to restore this balance, thereby relieving the symptoms that this imbalance causes.

Hops Flower

Hops flower has widely been used for centuries due to its calming effects. It may take away nervous tension, allowing you to be calm and get a good night’s rest when you need it most. This may be why we are seeing women who use this herb able to sleep soundly without waking in night sweats. Hops also has oestrogen-like substances which is widely used for helping to put an end to menstrual cramps.


For centuries, this herb has enjoyed a reputation for being an aphrodisiac. It also has a calming and mood-stabilising effect.
Many people claim to have an overall feeling of increased well-being when taking Damiana.
Damiana helps ease anxiety, nervousness and mood swings.

These Ladies Did it and so Can You…

I have been able to keep my raging hormones under control. I don't know if it is this product or something else, but this is the only thing I am taking.

Chelsea O’Conner. Eureka, MT

Before taking this product I would have terrible cramping and nausea each month, as well as a range of other symptoms from mood swings to tiredness. After taking the formula for just a month, I noticed a difference. My cramping wasn't as severe, and for the first time in a long time, I didn't throw up! My mood was more stable and I didn't feel as bloated as usual. It definitely makes a difference for me.

Philomena Ford, Strathmore, Vic

I understand you’re sick of empty promises. That’s why you can try this product completely risk-free!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Give me a chance to help you discover YOU!

Stop debating, stop mulling over the options, and stop preventing yourself from enjoying your life full of peace and happiness.

If you’re not completely satisfied with my product, I will give you a full refund.

That’s right: I’ll shoulder all of the risk and allow you to make the purchase completely risk-free. So get moving!!

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About the Formulator:

Hi there, health seeker! My name is Stephen Mocko.

I am your friendly family herbalist who lives in America. I have been making effective, all-natural, chemical-free herbal formulas for some time now.

Throughout my career as a herbalist, I have helped so many people overcome their difficulties with such simplicity that often, it takes longer to make 3 full meals a day for yourself.

The people I have helped have turned to me after their doctor’s prognosis has almost led them to give up on their health.

Using the power of nature, I have helped them to find their way back to wellness, so they feel more energetic and younger than they have for years.

Up until now, I have kept the secret of long-lasting health to myself and my clients.

I now want to bring it to you.

First let me tell you where I started and what I do.

On my journey to becoming a herbalist I discovered many amazing things. One of these was lost ancient herbal formulae that cannot be found in any of the modern herbal books taught in the modern herbal colleges.

I have been taught by some of North America’s top herbal healers about how to make the most potent and the strongest medicines that are completely safe and all-natural.

I have spent the last 8 years of my life helping people with many issues. What I enjoy most is teaching people:

  • How to take their health back by getting back to the way nature intended
  • How to eliminate many household ailments with just “weeds” picked from their back yards.
  • The secret tricks to having healthier and more vibrant skin with simple remedies found in the spice cabinet.
  • How to tackle devastating diseases head-on. Diseases such as cancer, Neurological disorders, crippling arthritis and other incurables.

I have learned that if you compromise on quality, you compromise on your integrity. In simple terms, this means you or I will never get healed. This is a principle I hold dear to my heart.

I promise that I will never use nasty chemicals that aggravate the very thing we are trying to heal. You will never see a GMO ingredient in my products.

I use only organic or wild-harvested herbs in all my products

No isolated or synthetic chemical are ever used. Only ingredients in their whole and complete state. This is so that your body can absorb 100% of the herbs.

I am hoping you will take a journey with me and make an investment in your health. I have not had a dissatisfied customer with this product.

I am so certain you will join my long list of clients who are blown away by the results, that I am willing to bet my money on it, with my 90-day money back guarantee!


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