10 Day Super Cleanse PLUS (2 FREE Bottles of Turmeric)

$340.00 AUD

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A shorter yet powerful full body organ deep cleanse.

  • ELIMINATE parasites
  • DESTROY bacteria, fungus and virus
  • REDUCE your risk of cancer
  • REJUVENATE your body to feeling years younger


This is our quickest and most thorough detox available for cleansing every one of our elimination channels of the body. Many of satisfied customers have reported this 10 day detox to be the finest and most thorough cleanse they have ever done.

It comes with a complete instructions manual.

Medicinal Herb Store’s Colon Cleanse #1 is used to strengthen, cleanse and heal the entire digestive channel. Colon #1 stimulates the peristaltic action (the intestinal muscular movement) of the colon and will eventually strengthen the muscular action  of the large intestines. Colon #1 helps to disinfect, soothe and heal the mucous membrane lining of the entire digestive system. Colon #1 aids in digestion, relieves gas, cramps and cleanses the gallbladder and bile ducts, destroying candida albicans overgrowth and parasites, promoting a healthy intestinal flora.

Bowel Formula #2

Medicinal Herb Store’s Colon Detox #2 is used to cleanse, purify and detoxify the colon, bowels and intestines. Bowel #2 soothes and fortifies the entire intestinal channels. Colon Detox #2 is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum, helping to pull out old fecal matter from the walls of the colon and out from any bowel pockets or diverticula. Colon Detox #2 is uniquely formulated to soften old fecal matter to be easily expelled. It aids in the elimination of toxins, poisons, parasites, heavy metals and radiation. It is also used as a remedy for intestinal inflammation such as diverticulitis, colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. This product is also used effectively for diarrhea or food poisoning.

Mountain Nutrition

Our bodies are designed to eat whole foods, just as they are found in nature. Healthy bodies feel better and have abundant energy. Mountain Nutrition is a perfectly balanced blend of “super foods” and is specifically formulated to supply you with Natural Food Sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and essential trace nutrients. Mountain Nutrition is enzymatically rich and is easily assimilated into the bloodstream. All ingredients are from the richest, organic whole food sources available. Mountain Nutrition is a perfect addition to a well balanced diet. This zero-fat formula will give you quick energy, not because it is a stimulant, but because it will nourish the cells of your body and healthy cells produce an abundance of energy and vitality!

Anti-Parasite Formula

Medicinal Herb Store’s Anti-Parasite Formula kills many types of parasites! It also kills the larvae – the eggs of the worms that other formulas miss. Parasites can burrow in the brain, heart, lungs, liver, etc., not just in the colon. Nothing stronger for killing parasites and worms.

Kidney/Bladder Formula

Medicinal Herb Store’s Kidney/Bladder Formula disinfects the urinary tract, reduces edema (swelling). Use for urinary tract infections, or other Kidney/Urinary disorders.

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Medicinal Herb Store’s Liver/Gallbladder Formula acts to detoxify the liver, stimulate the digestive system and cleanse the blood, skin, liver and gallbladder. As liver function improves energy will increase.

Detox Formula

Medicinal Herb Store’s Detox formula detoxifies Blood and Lymph. Promotes quicker recovery from chronic illness. This powerful formula is similar to the famous Hoxey formula. Make sure your elimination is functioning well and please drink plenty of water while using this formula. Safety Guidelines: Not intended if pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use if dark urine or yellow eyes occur with use. If liver dysfunction is a concern, consult a healthcare professional.

Detox Tea

Medicinal Herb Store’s Detox Tea flushes and detoxifies the blood, liver, gallbladder and entire digestive tract as well as cleanses the skin, eliminates gas and indigestion and increases the flow of urine.

The Detox Tea has numerous health benefits. It is literally an all-purpose herbal tonic. It is a powerful stimulant, especially to the stomach, liver and digestive side of the pancreas.

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