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On our Menopausal support formula

  • You’ll Discover:

    How this amazing herbal formula can bring an end to your hot flushes that ALWAYS seem to occur at the wrong time! It is the perfect herbal formula for perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause phases of life.

  • Finally, you can get:

    A good night’s sleep when the herbs in this specially-crafted formula begin to work on your endocrine system by balancing it and regulating your hormones.

  • Never again will you have to use:

    A hormone replacement therapy that is made from horse urine such as Premarin. In fact, scientists for the Women’s Health Institute had to shut down their study on hormone replacement therapy early because of the damage this therapy did! It increased coronary heart disease, increases women’s risk of breast cancer, facilitated the growth of uterine fibroids and much, much more. Our formula harnesses the power of nature, and does not include any synthetic substances that can cause your body and endocrine system harm.

  • Also works for any hormonal imbalance

    If you are not going through menopause but have an irregular cycle or severe PMS, give yourself some relief.

Check out what one customer has to say:

“I noticed a massive change in my premenstrual emotions, I had more stability in my emotions and was able to work with them at any given time. There was no longer an emotional roller coaster… And they weren’t lasting no where near as long. I felt more in control of myself.” Hailey Davis, – Montrose, Vic

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