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Ingredients: Organic Hawthorn Berry, Organic Red Clover Blossoms, Organic Garlic Bulb, Organic Gingko Biloba, Wildcrafted Motherwort, Cayenne Pepper and Organic Ginger Root.


Herbs for a healthy heart. Grab it while you can get it.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Arthur (Canberra, AU)
Arter ease and heart

Best thing since sliced bread. See my video - now off my western medication thanks to arter ease and heart tonic!. Arrhythmia is now normal for the first time, cholesterol way down and blood pressure is perfect. 3mnths I’ve been taking the herbs - and great results. Have big taking western medication since my heart attack in 2022 and no difference. Definitely try these herbs - they work.

Rae H (Brisbane, AU)
Feeling better

Having been using for 6 weeks and feeling and sleeping better heading back to doctor to check cholesterol hopefully it’s on way down

Helen Seidl (Brisbane, AU)
arter ease

my husband, age 82 and I, age 75, both have heart problems; His has only 30% capacity and I have arrythmia. We started taking Arter ease at the beginning of May '22 and thought it was doing nothing at first. After four weeks, my husbands energy got better, and after 1 month, he felt a lot more energetic. We progressed to the Heart drops, and at the end of June he can almost do a full days work on our farm, albeit slowly. our doctor keeps pushing statins and blood pressure tablets, but I feel we need neither. Both our blood pressures have come down and we are feeling really good. We still have an off day here and there but the improvement is remarkable.

Take Heart

I started to experience some unusual symptoms and I knew of Dr Richard Schulze and the heart formula. I bought the tinctures before finding out that the echocardiogram revealed a problem with a heart valve. It is empowering knowing that you can help yourself and not be at the mercy of inept doctors but also that you can take your life and your health in your hands and heal yourself. I noticed a huge difference since taking the heart tincture. More physical strength and a beginning of well being. My advice would be if you know your family has a predisposition towards heart problems then start taking the tincture. If you do have some cardiac issues take heart because this tincture and other remedies will help you tremendously.

SUSAN CASLEY (Doncaster East, AU)
Great Heart Helper!

I have been using this marvellous product for a few weeks now.
It has certainly helped me with circulation/raynauds syndrome! In addition, it appears to assist in regulating my heart rhythm. Will definitely be ordering again.
Thank you!