The Expert’s Guide To Healing Cavities and Gum Disease Naturally, Without a Dentist

Your mouth is ready for a major overhaul.

Your gums are receding and bleeding.

Cavities abound.

However, you have been putting of that visit to the dentist. You either can’t afford it or you do not have the time. On top of this, let’s face it: the dentist’s chair is not exactly your favourite place in the world. You can think of hundreds of other places you would rather be.

You’re not alone.

40.2% of adults do not go to the dentist due to cost. Dentists are one of the more costly medical procedures and America Medicare doesn’t cover it.

This can be hard for some of us. We want a healthy mouth. We want teeth that are straight and we want our gums to be tight and not bleed when they are touched by something as soft as a banana.

I remember hearing about some natural remedies able to reverse any dental problem without going to the dentist.

So I decided to research this and what I found out was nothing short of amazing.

Let me share with you some of these findings.

What have organ transplants got to do with cavities?

The field of dentistry has been around for centuries, if not millennia.

It was this field in which the first human organ transplants took place.

As the rich in the Western world began to consume more sugar, around the late 1700s, they experienced the problem of tooth decay.

Dentists would entice the poor with monetary rewards in exchange for their healthy teeth.

Keeping in mind this was at a time before anaesthetic, the poor person (in both senses of the word!) would have their tooth extracted, and the tooth would be transplanted into the mouth of the rich person in need of it.[i]

This very quickly proved to be problematic, as not only did the teeth begin to fall out after a very short amount of time, but the transplant recipient would frequently contract diseases that the original owner of the tooth had—these included venereal diseases such as Syphilis.

The practice was soon abandoned, though for some time, a number of dentists would continue the procedure using animal rather than human teeth.

If bones can heal, why can’t teeth?

Fast forward a couple of hundred years, and it seems that dentistry has advanced incredibly.

However, while many of us naturally-minded people look upon modern medicine with scepticism, the same is not always true with dentistry. Why is this? While we may question advice presented to us by doctors, how many of us do the same when it comes to our dentists?

It was not until I became involved in natural healing that I began to contemplate the possibility of teeth being able to repair themselves.

After all, if our heart, lungs, brain or skin can heal, given the right nutrition and environment, why would teeth be any different?

Why is it common knowledge that when a bone in our arm or leg is broken, it will heal in time, but at the same time, very few people would even consider that a decayed tooth can repair itself?

The fact is, just as doctors are schooled to believe that cancers and other illnesses can be terminal and never completely cured—and that the only way to treat them is with drugs—dentists are trained that teeth cannot heal themselves, and that the only way to treat them is with fillings, root canals or teeth extractions.

Just as doctors are taught in medical school that diseased body parts, such as cancers, must be cut out, so dentists are taught that diseased and eroding parts of the mouth must be removed.

Just as it is financially more beneficial for doctors to keep patients sick and reliant on their drugs and other medications than it is for them to get them permanently well, so it is more financially beneficial for dentists to keep patients in the dark about the real causes of, and remedies for, tooth decay, than it is for them to help the patient prevent or reverse it.

Like any sort of healing, it takes time and effort, but given the right environment, good nutrition, and some dedication, tooth decay CAN be reversed without the tooth requiring a filling or extraction, and our teeth can be remineralised.

In today’s world, with people consuming more sugar than ever, as well as a plethora of other assaults on our immune system and teeth—fluoridated water being just one of these (contrary to what we have been taught, fluoride actually CAUSES teeth to become WEAKER!)—it is more important than ever before to learn how to reverse this damage.

The truth about this very common dental procedure

One of the greatest cover-ups of modern dentistry is the real truth behind root canals and the havoc they can wreak on your health. A root canal is THE ONLY medical procedure that involves a dead organ being left in the body.

When a root canal is performed, the nerves of the affected tooth are killed off, the area is sterilised (or so we are told), then filled up, and the tooth reconstructed, despite being very dead.

What the top dentists know, though, is that the area can NEVER be completely, 100% sterilised before being filled in.

Not only can harmful anaerobic bacteria then form as a result of the procedure, but they can travel around, via the tiny tubules at the base of the tooth, and lodge themselves in other parts of the body, causing damage to that area.

Those with a strong immune system may not feel the effects of their root canal—at least, not initially, but there have been many recorded cases of people experiencing a range of health problems after getting a root canal—from arthritis to heart disease and cancers—and when any root canal is removed, harmful bacteria is found at the site almost 100% of the time.[ii]

Many people who make the decision to have their root canals removed experience instant relief from their symptoms.

If you have been suffering from health problems and have a tooth that has had a root canal performed on it, consider whether this could be the cause of your ailments.

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Treating dental problems naturally:

In the event of a tooth ache, clove oil can be used for pain relief. It is quite strong, and could be applied with a carrier oil if alone it is too strong for you. It can be applied directly on the tooth and the surrounding gum. It is also an antiseptic, and hence can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the area.

Usually when a tooth ache occurs, this is a sign of some infection in the mouth. In cases like this, it is helpful to know that good old Garlic has been proven to be even more effective than antibiotics[iii] that the dentist will encourage you to take a course of.

As much fresh Garlic as possible should be consumed. Taking up to 12 cloves per day for ten days is recommended to kill the bacteria.

A peeled clove can even be chewed on by the sore tooth, for even more potent antibacterial power.

Alternatively, a herbal tonic such as the Supertonic, which includes Garlic along with a number of other germ-busting ingredients, could be taken.

An easy way to remove the infection

In the event that an abscess or some other sort of infection occurs in the mouth, Plantain can be used to draw it out, while the Garlic is being used at the same time to kill the pathogens.

Another alternative is to apply Colon Detox #2 powder over the affected area, being careful not to breathe in as you do this so none travels down to your lungs (alternatively, Plantain oil or even Echinacea or Echinacea Plus tincture can be mixed with the Colon Detox #2 powder to form a dry and crumbly paste, and this can be applied to the area).

Just as this formula helps to draw out gunk and nasties from the inside of your colon, using the power of charcoal, bentonite clay and numerous other powerful ingredients, it can be used in your mouth to draw out the infection that is causing your tooth ache. This is a wonderful treatment to leave on overnight, packed around the gums, when you will not be eating or moving your mouth too much.

Additionally, when there is an infection of the gums, taking Echinacea or Echinacea Plus tincture over a ten-day period can help your immune system to go into fighting mode and kill off the bacteria. This will in turn help the swelling to go down and the pain to subside.

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How to save THOUSANDS of dollars in dental bills!

One of the best treatments for oral hygiene is regular use of Medicinal Herb Store’s Herbal Mouthwash.

Most commercial mouth washes can actually do more harm than good.

While they may leave your mouth smelling fresh, they contain a range of chemicals which, in a similar manner to antibiotics, kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad, thereby creating in your mouth the ideal environment for the bad bacteria to take over.

This herbal mouthwash contains a carefully-chosen mixture of ingredients designed to maintain oral health or repair any problem areas in your mouth:

  • Bayberry and White Oak Bark are astringents, which effectively tighten the gums, reverse receding gum lines and prevent bleeding gums.
  • Echinacea is a surface disinfectant and will kill any nasties in your mouth which contribute to decay. It also helps to numb the area, thus easing the pain.
  • Tea Tree oil is a powerful antiseptic, also killing fungus, bacteria and viruses, and preventing the growth of oral pathogens which can lead to bad breath and tooth decay.
  • Cayenne, as well as being another powerful killer of germs, helps to get the circulation flowing around the mouth, to speed up the healing process. It reduces inflammation and will stop any bleeding on contact.
  • Peppermint essential oil freshens breath, leaving your mouth feeling as clean as it actually is after you use this formula, as well as being yet ANOTHER germ-busting ingredient! It, like Cayenne, encourages circulation, and reduces inflammation.

Using a dropper-full of this formula in a small amount of water, and swishing it around the mouth for several minutes like you would with any other mouthwash, will set you on the way to good oral health. This can be done once a day as a preventative measure, or several times a day if an oral problem already exists.

Alternatively, place as many as 8 droppers-full of the formula in a water pik filled with distilled water, and clean your mouth with it. This helps to drive the formula deeper into the gums than we would otherwise be able to do by rinsing alone. (Ensure you rinse out the pik with water when you are done to avoid the Tea Tree and Peppermint oils from clogging it up and disintegrating its rubber components.)

This product can even be dropped directly onto a toothbrush and brushed onto the teeth several times a day, for an alternative to toothpaste. People have literally saved themselves THOUSANDS of dollars in dental bills by using this amazing formula!

For problems relating to receding gum lines, it is important to remember not to brush too aggressively, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid causing the gum to further recede.

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Plant-based calcium, a miracle worker

Many of us are deficient in calcium. We consume more dairy products than ever, believing they strengthen our bones, but calcium deficiencies and brittle bones are more common than ever.

While dairy products may contain calcium, this calcium is not able to be assimilated and used by our body.

Just as lying on a beach does not mean our body is going to uptake the silica in the sand, consuming milk and cheese does not mean there is going to be a benefit to our body.

What we need is plant-based calcium that our body can make use of and help us to build strong, healthy bones.

That’s where Medicinal Herb Store’s Herbal Calcium Formula comes in to play. This formula, taken on a regular basis, is an effective way of ensuring we are consuming enough calcium and maintaining high bone density.

As teeth are harder than bones and contain more calcium, this formula is essential for good dental health.

This formula contains a mixture of some of the best herbs for building healthy bones.

Two of the herbs highest in silica, which our body then turns into a USEABLE form of calcium, are Horsetail and Oat Straw. As well as these two plants, the formula also contains Comfrey. It is no coincidence that this wonderful herb gained the name knitbone over the years for its ability to heal bone injuries. Lobelia, the thinking herb, works in conjunction with the other 3 ingredients for maximum effectiveness. This formula can be taken several times a day.

As well as being necessary for dental health, calcium is essential for:

  • Nerves
  • Building vein and artery walls
  • Strong bones
  • Prevention of cramps

Horsetail alone is also very effective at providing the body with the needed calcium.

This formula can be taken by adults and children alike.

When children have overcrowded mouths or crooked teeth—which often results in wisdom teeth needing to be pulled—this is usually a sign that they are low in calcium.

Here is one  amazing testimonial:

I managed to remineralize/fill tiny ‘pin point’ cavities in a ‘floating wisdom tooth’ of mine, by using both Tooth/Gum formula (NO toothpaste containing glycerine), and the Herbal Calcium tincture. The major cavity reduced, but did not fill entirely. It took about a month (???)

Side effects? Oh yeah, my nails (normally soft & “droopy”) at the end of the month had hardened and strengthened beautifully. Yeah yeah, I know that’s “impossible” because nails don’t grow that fast…but it happened, nonetheless.

And this other awesome testimonial:

As a 51-year-old, petite Asian woman (5’2″, 107 pounds), I am trying to prevent osteoporesis. I haven’t had a bone density test in a year and stopped taking calcium supplements about six months ago. Since taking the herbs[herbal calcium], I’ve noticed positive changes in my teeth (new growth on worn down surfaces) – a sign that my body is using the herbal calcium where needed.

While all adults require calcium, this is particularly the case for pregnant women, as they need to provide it for two people, and pregnancy is the time in which the child’s jaw and tooth material begin to form.

With today’s modern diet, we are now more in need than ever of additional calcium. Sugars, alcoholic drinks, junk food, lollies, etc. actually leach calcium out of our bodies[iv].

Taking the herbal calcium formula can help to ensure that, in spite of all that our bodies are up against, they receive enough calcium to keep us, and our mouths, healthy.

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The best way to eat to have optimum oral health

Many holistic dentists believe that diet plays a big part in healthy teeth, and it is only teeth that are unhealthy—through a lack of nourishment—that begin to decay when exposed to bacteria. Healthy teeth, they say, resist it.

It is vital that we are consuming a range of vitamins and minerals, in forms that can be assimilated by the body. Calcium is just one of many that we require.

In 1936, prominent dentist, Weston Price, wrote in the Journal of the American Dental Association about groups of people who did not use tooth brushes, yet did not show signs of tooth decay.

These groups included the American Aborigines, a community of people in the Swiss Alps, as well as Gaelics living in the islands of the Outer Hebrides—a group of islands off the coast of Scotland.

Of them, he wrote, All groups having a liberal supply of minerals, particularly phosphorus, and a liberal supply of fat-soluble activators, had 100% immunity to dental caries.[v]

When Price visited America in 1936, he found that, on average, Aborigines had a ZERO PERCENT rate of tooth decay! In contrast, today’s Aborigines, eating modern, processed food, have a tooth decay rate of 70.9 per cent![vi]

Healthy Teeth from their original diet.

These days it is difficult to consume this wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals necessary through our diet alone.

The US Department of Agriculture did a survey and found that 65.1% of adult women and 55.4% of adult men have less than the one gram of calcium per day that is

After being on the western diet.

recommended for good health.

It is no wonder, therefore, that 90% of the US population experiences tooth decay.[vii]

For this reason, we should consider taking a plant-based supplement such as Mountain Nutrition.

Not only can this help our organs to function effectively and receive (more than!) adequate nourishment, but it can help us to maintain a good level of oral health!

We all know that Vitamin D is vital in the formation of healthy teeth and bones.

Well did you know that Alfalfa, one of the key ingredients in our Mountain Nutrition, is one of the ONLY plants to contain this vitamin?[viii]

When to go to the dentist

Just as there are some instances—such as injuries due to trauma—for which we do need doctors and hospitals, there are some instances—such as broken teeth—for which we need dentists.

However, when it comes to oral health, remember that just like any other part of the body, your mouth and your teeth can heal themselves.

And like anything else, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The power of a good diet with unprocessed foods, as well as making use of the aforementioned herbs, cannot be underestimated.

Where do you go from here?

You might have been conditioned all of your life that you need a dentist for a healthy mouth. Am I right?

This is not always the case. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of commitment and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

I also understand you may not know how to find the specific herbs that are mentioned in this article.

You may not even know what they are.

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I am also offering you a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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By all means, feel free to, I encourage you, to find the herbs mentioned here. Put them together on your own and administer them to yourself or your loved ones. These herbs alone will work miracles. It also offers a sense of self reliability and it will teach you to be proactive with your health.

But if, for any reason, you don’t have the time, the effort or the will, then buying these herbal formulas designed specifically to tackle your oral issues is a great option.

I have made these products really easy and convenient with an instructional guide added to do everything necessary to heal your teeth and gums. It will take less than 10 minutes of your day to to apply all that is needed for the ultimate dental health care survival kit

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

If for any reason you’re not happy with our product, you can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

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For a limited time, when you purchase the Ultimate Dental Survivor Pack, you get an added 50ml bottle of our highest grade organic turmeric and balck pepper.

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Turmeric is the most-studied herb in the world. The benefits that turmeric will provide you with in your dental care package will produce outstanding results. Turmeric has some amazing abilities. Here are just a few things it can do for your smile:

  • Stops gingivitis with it powerful anti-inflammotory actions.
  • With its astonishing natural anti-septic properties, you can expect it to destroy bacteria deep inside the gums.
  • Effectively reduces swelling, redness and aches from your gingivitis and dental decay.
  • Reduces the severity of periodontitis (inflammation of the mouth), thereby reducing the likelihood of you requiring scaling or other dental cleaning.
  • Helps to reduce plaque build-up in your mouth.
  • This wonderful herb’s anti-cancer properties can help control or heal oral cancer.
  • Relieves some of the symptoms associated with oral diseases such as Oral Submucosal Fibrosis—a condition which can develop as a result of radiotherapy.
  • Despite its reputation for turning all things yellow, turmeric is used by many to whiten teeth!
  • And while you’re at it, you will get a remarkable tan with its ability to help the body absorb Vitamin D

Thank You for taking the time to read my article. I hope you will receive some great benefits of the knowledge passed on this page.

Stephen Mocko

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[i] Hamilton, David. A History of Organ Transplantation: Ancient Legends to Modern Practice. Pittsburgh: The University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012, book.



[iv] Nagel, Ramiel. Cure Tooth Decay. Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition. California: Golden Child Publishing, 2nd Edition, 2010, book.

[v] Price, W. A. Journal of the American Dental Association, 1936: 888.

[vi][vi] Ibid

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