Here’s How to Get Started With Your Herbal Gardening Plan

Herb garden

How To Get Started With Herb Gardening

Herb gardening is one of the most advantageous and relaxing types of gardening. Medicinal plants are absolutely useful, therefore, there’s a lot of people who wanted to start growing one. But there is so much to consider when planning to set up your own medicinal garden. Don’t worry! When you set down everything, it will be less complicated. The overwhelming part is just to decide what kind of herbs to grow and what will be the perfect location to plant them. It may require some planning but will surely be rewarding.

The local environment has a great role in gardening, therefore having the perfect location is really important. It is also essential to know what will work well in some circumstances such as small spaces or lack of gardening experience.

So here’s the guide that could definitely help you on your path to an amazing garden! 

Deciding The Herbs To Start Growing

Have a list of herbs in your mind and do research about them. You can rely on helpful books about medicinal plants or something related to herbal gardening. You can start looking for information about specific herbs and how to use them. You can consider these herbs: peppermint, lemon balm, yarrow, and valerian. They are recognized as the most adaptable herbs but remember that it’s not a guarantee that they are suitable in your area.

Once you decided the herbs you will possibly grow, classify your garden zone. Garden zone is a geographically-defined zone by its climatic condition that is having a direct bearing on plant growth and survival. This will identify if you need to add drainage for very wet areas or drip irrigation for very dry areas. Knowing your garden zone will help you distinguish the perfect herbs for your location and to have a successful medicinal garden. It is also great to know the native herbal plants that locally grown in your area. You can include them in your garden as it is nice to work with plants that are easily adapting to your local environment.

Deciding The Right Location For Your Herbs

Once you completed the first step on growing herbal plants — deciding the herbs to grow and identifying your garden zone and annual rainfall, next will be listing the factors that will help your herbs to survive.

You can start this step on doing some research and listing the amount of sun each of your preferred herbs needs to grow well. Some herbs require a specific amount of sunlight– some need full sun while others grow well in part shade. Include in your list the soil type and required water in each. When your list is complete, you can start matching herbs to specific spaces in your garden. Sketch your garden and mark what should work best in different spaces. This is also the perfect time to scratch out herbs that won’t match for your garden.

Deciding The Number Of Each Herb To Grow

It was suggested by Richo Cech on his herb grower book that around 10 feet of bed space per herb or at least 3 of a kind for home medicinal use is ideal. It is also great to have more than enough because leftovers can be dried and store for teas or other purposes.

Take note that plants in the mint family such as peppermint and large plants like hawthorn will give off a lot more than you need from a plant.


Having A Little Space? Not A Problem!

Make use of your containers and grow herbs. It’s great to have a wide-sized garden, but a lot of herbs can flourish and grow healthily in containers. Kitchen herbs such as basil and oregano can easily be grown indoors. And numerous kitchen herbs have a lot of benefits, not just for seasoning. So the size of spaces for versatile herbs is not important. You can still make them grow well and have excellent home remedies.

It is not important how large your garden is, either a full-spaced garden or a small patio container garden, in starting your own herbal garden. It is about identifying what is the perfect herbs to grow and what herbs will grow successfully in your area. Once you’re established, growing herbs will be easier than growing other kinds of plants. Herbs don’t require so much care, so start your gardening endeavors now and good luck!

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