New Year, New You: How to Keep Yourself Healthy

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Everyone is looking forward to the New Year with positives vibes.

And the best thing anyone can do is to start the year (and the decade) right with by keeping healthy. You have the opportunity to recommit to your health and well-being if you were not able to practice correct health habits the previous years. You should also maintain what you are already doing if you have the proper health regimen.

For those who are still struggling with their practices, creating healthy resolutions is important to have fresh starts and new beginnings.

You can actually do a three-day cleanse instead of just saying that you will have a juice cleanse for the next weekend. This practice can help to eliminate the mucus, catarrh, and toxins out of your body, and out of your life.

Dr. Christopher said “The retention of such body waste has a much more insidious effect on our health than is generally suspected.” If you’re not able to complete the task in three days, a one-day cleanse will do as long as you work your way up to a full three-day cleanse.

A lot of supplements are readily available in the market with the promise to make you feel better. You can take them and feel great, otherwise your condition will get worse, depending on your chosen supplement. However, no one can avoid some things that come in between, such as a vacation, an illness or just a day when you have to go out of your routine. Days may pass and you won’t notice that your stock is still there untouched and you feel some symptoms that you aren’t getting any cleaner.

“Keep It Simple Student,” Dr. Christopher said. There’s no need to have an elaborate supplement regime, but you should follow a routine and start feeling better.


Exercise, along with a good diet, is good for us.

With regular exercise, the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, will be reduced because calories are burned, stamina is increased and emotional health is improved. Always take a walk as much as possible because doing so in 30 minutes is already an exercise.

Walk to store entrance after parking your car at the back. Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs because it will make a difference for your heart in the long run.

Walk with your friends or loved ones in the park or have a partner with you as you take the evening stroll. Exercise all the cells in your body by doing any of these things everyday even for only ten minutes. This is another way to connect with the persons who are important to you and keep the bond between you.

Eat foods that support your health but you also have to make sure that you practice mindful eating. You can chow down on more fruits and vegetables to have more nutrients in your body.

However, you should never be distracted when you eat to avoid overeating. Take time to slow down and pay attention to your food so you can enjoy what you eat its benefits as well as you can easily feel that you are already full. You will have lower risk of having heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer while you lose unwanted weight and avoid any allergies.

An unhealthy habits is always a bad habit. Quit smoking. Stop drinking sodas. Avoid biting your nails. Talk to your peers and have them support you as you stop your unhealthy habits. You can surely overcome in this coming new decade.

When it’s time to rest, then you should have enough rest. Get enough sleep after pushing yourself hard during the day.

You should sleep between 8-10 hours every night. This could vary depending on the need of every person. When you get enough rest, you are more alert and you can perform better, especially at work. The mid also works better and you can easily remember things. Notice how many people have been in an accident because of not having enough sleep.

Most of them also have a higher risk of having heart disease and heart attacks while they become even more obese. Take a little more rest and you will see how it can help you get through the day. Get a little more sleep at night and wake up the next day to have a good start. Michael Thorpy, MD, director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center in New York has said: “Any American making a resolution to lose weight … should probably consider a parallel commitment for getting more sleep.”

Learn to unwind. Chill out if you must. You should take time out of your busy schedule. Get a massage. Take a hot bath. Meditate. Stop for five minutes and have a cup of herbal tea. Always take a break. Have time for yourself. Avoid working too much because you will have a tendency to burnout.

Don’t compromise your immune system and overall health because when you get sick, you can’t do anything else for anyone or for yourself.

In this age of information technology, there are so many resources that can help you to stay healthy and stick to your resolution through the years. Listen to a radio show that tackles the most up-to-date health issues while providing the healthiest and most natural solutions. The same goes with watching online videos and television shows with the same theme. Become a member of their website and scroll along the way on how you can achieve the new you and stay healthier and happier. Prioritize yourself but remember also that you can do better for others when you have a better self.

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  1. There’s some really good information here thanks.

    I’m in my 70’s but still need a periodical reminder to bring my self back into line health-wise. Every “body” is different. We each have to listen to our bodies and work out what our particular health needs are. Simple things like drinking more water, getting more sleep, eating sensibly – not overeating and eating mostly veggies (especially green, leafy ones) plus daily exercise are so important. If you live alone, as I do, getting out and interacting with the outside world is vital.

    Good health includes spiritual, mental, physical and social well-being.

    Good health to you all and Happy New Year! – 2020! ??


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