Shocking New Film Exposes Deadly CDC Deception

Epic New Film Banned in the USA Now Banned in Oz

Before May this year, I had never heard of the Tribeca Film Festival. I dare say I was not alone.

Yet suddenly, news of it was flooding my Facebook feed, and even gained a mention in mainstream media.

The festival, founded in 2002 by Robert De Niro and two others, was an attempt to bring back some happiness and vitality into the Tribeca area in Manhattan, following the events of September 11.

So why, all of a sudden, was it attracting so much attention, in its fourteenth year?

Well, because one of the films that was set to be screened in this year’s festival dared to investigate that one topic that apparently we aren’t allowed to discuss—even in countries that claim to have freedom of speech—VACCINE SAFETY.

At Last…Their Dirty Secret Exposed

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is a documentary that tells the true story of how the CDC deliberately

“How many other studies and findings have been hidden from the public or altered in some way to suit this group’s agenda?”
manipulated data demonstrating a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This was brought to light by senior CDC scientist and whistle-blower, William Thompson, who himself was involved in the paper.

Just think about it. The CDC is supposed to be one of the most respected and authoritative organisations in the USA. Yet this very organisation has been found tampering with the results of a study, merely because they did not like what they saw.

This begs the question: how many other studies and findings have been hidden from the public or altered in some way to suit this group’s agenda? How can we trust anything the CDC tells us anymore?

We are told, though, that for our own safety, we are better off not knowing or trying to make sense of what happened.

You can’t be trusted to think for yourself…

You see, unless you have the letters ‘M.D.’ after your name, you are simply not intelligent enough to really understand how vaccines work, or about their safety. If you watch a documentary that questions vaccine safety, or read material about this topic online, you could easily be led astray by those taking advantage of your ignorance. This could not only place your own children in serious danger, but others’ children too.

The pressure placed on De Niro to pull the film, to which he ultimately succumbed, was for our own good.

Just imagine what would happen if parents started to get so scared that there really is a link between vaccines and autism (even though, of course we know that the one study that showed this has been found fraudulent…) that they began to stray from the vaccine schedule…you know, that schedule recommended by the very trustworthy CDC?! You know, that schedule that recommends that your child receive SIXTY-NINE DOSES OF SIXTEEN VACCINES by the time they turn 18?! Who knows what disastrous consequences that could have?!

De Niro’s Regretful Decision…

Many people in the anti-vax movement felt let down by De Niro’s announcement that the film would be pulled from the festival line-up. Personally, it didn’t surprise me in the slightest, and I don’t blame him.

I can imagine the kind of threats he would have received from the powerful pharmaceutical companies. He does, after all, have a family to think about. A family that includes an autistic son. A son who began life like a normal, healthy baby, and, according to his wife, changed overnight following his MMR vaccine.[i]

So De Niro, more than most, has every reason to want the film to be shown.

De Niro isn’t even anti-vaccination! He describes himself as ‘pro-safe vaccine’.[ii] His desire was for the film

“He…wants to ‘just find out the truth’ about the topic, and knows that there’s ‘more to this than meets the eye’ when it comes to vaccine safety.”
to be shown to provide people with the opportunity for a conversation around the issue—an issue about which there are a lot of things that are just ‘not said’.[iii]


Robert De Niro, cofounder of the Tribeca Film Festival

In an interview on The Today Show, De Niro appeared passionate about the issue, and frustrated that discussion about vaccine safety seems to be off-limits. He, like so many of us affected by vaccines in some way, wants to ‘just find out the truth’ about the topic, and knows that there’s ‘more to this than meets the eye’ when it comes to vaccine safety.[iv]

Yet apparently that is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies DON’T want us to do! They are intent on telling us that science has proven there is no link between vaccines and autism, and expect us to accept that, without question.

A Move that Backfired:

Ironically, the decision to pull Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe from the Tribeca Film Festival has given it far more exposure than it would have received from the single screening at the festival.

There was so much interest amongst the American public to see the film, that it has now been screened many times in many different cities around the USA. It has been seen by thousands of people—people whose eyes would not have been opened had the film been quietly screened at the festival without all the media fuss.

Not only has it gained the attention of the American public, but also that of people all around the world, who are campaigning to have the film shown in their city.

A Déjà vu Moment…

I was excited last week to learn that America was set to have its first public screening of the film, at the

“There was a ‘highly co-ordinated campaign of intimidation’ launched when the decision to show the film was made public.”
Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF) which takes place each October.

After only a matter of days, though, my excitement faded. It was announced that the festival’s organiser, David Thrussell, was reluctantly and regretfully axing the film. Did anyone else feel a sense of déjà vu upon hearing this news?

When interviewed, Thrussell said that there was a ‘highly co-ordinated campaign of intimidation’[v] launched when the decision to show the film was made public. Again—sound familiar? The festival’s website and personal Facebook accounts of its committee members were hacked, and it was advised

Vaxxed is Axed

You cannot watch vaxxed

that security be placed at the venue’s door.

Thrussell expressed regret and frustration at having to axe a film which, in the interests of free speech and

democracy, he was so keen to show. He summed up my feelings on the topic exactly, saying, ‘Who are you to say I shouldn’t have access to that information’ that is shown in the movie? ‘…they should make up their own mind.’

The Science Has Been Settled. Now Stop Thinking!

Apparently making up our own minds is exactly what we are not allowed to do. We are simply told that the science has been settled; vaccines are the best way of preventing the spread of disease, and are expected to question the issue no more.

You would think that if vaccines were so safe, there wouldn’t be an issue with the public seeing the film. It wouldn’t influence our views on vaccines in the slightest, because vaccines’ track record would speak for themselves.

I think I actually ‘lolled’ when reading one recent article about the axing of the film. The article quoted Professor Peter McIntyre, an infectious disease specialist, as saying the idea that ‘…healthy living protects you from vaccine preventable diseases’ needs to be ‘knock[ed] on the head’[vi]

I’m sorry, what? So a person who fuels their body with Twinkies and Coke has no more chance of catching a disease than someone whose body is nourished with nutrient-dense nuts, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables?!

The people who tell us this are the very same people who tell us that vaccines are good for us, and expect us to believe them.

The Start of a Long Journey…

Where it has been shown (and that obviously is not in America…at least, not yet), the film has had a unifying effect on those who have watched it.

Parents all around the world who, like De Niro, have a child change overnight, are learning that there are others out there who have had exactly the same experience.

They saw this through those who were interviewed in the film, as well as those who went to see it. A large portion of the film’s audience has been parents of vaccine-injured children.

When parents question vaccine safety, it naturally takes them on a journey of questioning so much that so many take for granted, so they never look at the world in the same way again.

They very quickly learn that pharmaceutical companies are just that—companies. Companies that profit more from keeping you and your family sick than from getting you well.

They very quickly learn that doctors are heavily influenced by these companies—from their university degrees, to their professional development.

With a little more digging, they may even discover that many Aussie doctors are paid nearly $40,000 a year by pharmaceutical companies, or that some of these companies spend upwards of $700,000 each year paying doctors to endorse their products.[vii] They may discover that this same thing occurs in many countries aside from America.

After that, who knows what else they may find out; where else their journey will lead them to?

Is Their Reign Ending?

I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps those who stand to profit from the way things are now, are getting scared. They’re getting scared that their run is coming to an end. That enough people are starting to put two and two together and question the establishment. That everything will soon come crumbling down, and they stand to lose so much more than just money.

After all, why else would there have been such a concerted effort, twice now, to stop a film which is actually not even anti-vaccine, from being shown to the public?

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