Black Cohosh: The Benefits and Uses of This Powerful Herb

black cohosh

Black cohosh (not to be confused with blue cohosh or white cohosh, which are from a totally different herb family) is a forest herb whose root is commonly used for its medicinal properties. The native Americans greatly valued this herb, using it to treat menopause, PMS, depression, high blood pressure, tinnitus, asthma, oesteoporosis, rheumatism, respiratory tract infections, and other conditions. Black cohosh extract has been the subject of various scientific studies over the years which have demonstrated its benefit to women’s health issues.

What is black cohosh?

Black cohosh is a common forest herb that grows along rivers, streams and in wet areas. In the wild, the plant is known as cushion plant, bugbane, bugwort, cimicifuga, rattleroot and rattleweed. According to herbalist Susan Herndon: “As a safe and relatively inexpensive option for women’s health care, black cohosh has been used for centuries. Used internally or externally, it is a potent anti-inflammatory and mild sedative.

The benefits of black cohosh

This herb is being widely studied for its numerous benefits to women. Some of these are listed below. Black cohosh may lower prolactin levels, which is one way it can lower the risk of prolactin-induced breast cancer. Progesterone levels are reduced by this herb, which can help to normalise prolactin, thereby lowering the risk of breast cancer. Black cohosh has been shown to slow the production of oestrogen in the brain. Again, this has been associated with a lowered risk of breast cancer.

How to use black cohosh

Black cohosh is generally taken daily, as opposed to just the occasional use of a prescription medicine. Research has shown that black cohosh can reduce excessive menstrual bleeding, reduce irregular periods and endometriosis symptoms, and improve PMS and PMDD symptoms. This herb is safe to take during pregnancy and may also help with the pains associated with pregnancy, such as morning sickness and cramps. Many women have used black cohosh for menopause symptoms without any side effects. The rhizome and the root are the parts of the plant that are used. Our favourite way to take it is in tincture form. Black cohosh is one of the ingredients featured in our Nerve Calm formula, due to its mildly sedative properties.

The take home

Black cohosh is one of the many wonderful herbs we have at our disposal to improve our health. Like many of our favourite herbs, it has been traditionally used for a wide range of health issues. However, it is most popularly used for women’s health problems.

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  1. I used Black Cohosh when I had a.repeat of hot flushes ten years after menopause. Great stuff

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