30 Day Full-Body Organ Cleanse

$535.70 AUD

You’re only 30 days from a whole new life!

  • CLEANS and DETOXIFIES every major organ for more powerful and vibrant health

  • Helps you LOSE WEIGHT and gain ENERGY and VITALITY

  • PREVENTS health problems before they start


(2) Mountain Nutrition Powder (Super food),   (2) 5-Day BOWEL Detox   (1) 5-Day LIVER Detox, (1) 5-Day KIDNEY Detox, (2) Echinacea Plus, plus complete “30-Day Detox” instruction book



Eureka Wellness’s 30-Day DETOX is primarily a pure water, fresh juice and raw food cleansing program. What makes this program so different and such a powerful detoxifying, health-building and life-changing program is the addition of his clinical, nutritional, immune-boosting and detoxifying herbal formulae. Here is a brief description of what’s in the 30-Day DETOX, how it works and why it’s important if you want to get healthy and stay healthy…

Flood Your Bloodstream With NUTRITION

Mountain Nutrition blasts your bloodstream with a rich supply of vitamins and nutrients that increase energy, vitality and strength. Having a rich supply of nutrition in your blood gives you more energy and protects your body’s health.

ELIMINATE Toxins & Poisons

This amazing 5-Day BOWEL Detox promotes regular, healthy and complete bowel movements, which is absolutely essential for your body’s health. It will remove old, accumulated toxins, poisons and fecal waste from your bowel and give you more energy, help you to feel lighter and give you a flatter stomach.

Our powerful 5-Day LIVER Detox flushes and detoxifies your liver and gallbladder, rids the body of contaminants and micro-organisms, protects your liver cells, helps to dissolve and remove sediment and cleans and detoxify your blood. A clean liver also helps to protect you from the number one and two causes of death, heart disease and cancer.

The 5-Day KIDNEY Detox flushes and detoxifies your kidneys and bladder, helps dissolve and remove kidney sediment, promotes normal blood pressure, improves nutrient assimilation and much more.

SUPERCHARGE Your Immune System

Echinacea Plus wakes up your immune system. It stimulates and enhances the overall system, and literally increases the number of immune cells and immune chemicals in your body and bloodstream. It’s the best herbal defense and protection for anyone trying to live well in this modern world of pollution, stress and questionable food.

Program Includes: (2) Mountain Nutrition (powder), (2) 5-Day COLON Detox,  (1) 5-Day LIVER Detox, (1) 5-Day KIDNEY Detox, (2) Echinacea Plus, plus complete “30-Day DETOX” instruction book emailed to you.

Read the instruction book —-> HERE

Customer Reviews

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Sarah (Oxley, AU)
A Great Investment in Your Health

This 30-day cleanse is a great thing to do for your health. It does take a bit of planning with a change of diet and digesting some different tastes, but it works! I feel so much better after the cleanse and my body is more regular with eliminating and generally feel a lot lighter and healthier. I tended to do the 5 days of the week with the different cleanses and relax my diet a little at the weekend to make it easier. I now continue to take the mountain nutrition as my lunch and this keeps me going right through to dinner and my appetite is generally smaller now. Certainly worth trying.