Echinacea Plus | Immune Support



Ingredients: Organic Echinacea Angustifolia fresh, dried root and juice, Organic Echinacea Purpurea, Organic Garlic, Organic Siberian Ginseng and Organic Habanero Cayenne pepper.


Who Needs It?

Echinacea has been used for centuries as an immune-boosting herb. It is commonly used by those wishing to avoid becoming sick. For example, many people take it for a week or so at the beginning of each month during winter, to avoid succumbing to the cold or flu. It is also used by people with a compromised immune system—such as cancer sufferers or those with an auto-immune disease—to boost the function of their immune system.

When my family has been in contact with sick people, this is our go-to herbal formula to ensure we stay well! This is a strong, potent formula. We DON’T water down our products, because we want them to work for you and get you well!

Take this at the first sign of illness, and notice the difference. When you feel the first signs of a throat tickle, that is the time to reach for your Echinacea! If you are too busy to get sick, this is the product for you. Your immune system will thank you.


Customer Reviews

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Deb (Sydney, AU)

When it comes to illness and ailments my family use food as our medicine. The ingredients in this ECHINCEA PLUS tonic are clean and high quality. Always get the results I need when the immune system needs a quick, powerful boost to bring the body back into health and alignment, especially when taken as suggested.

Love all the details in the product description.

Milica (Zagubica, RS)
Australia’s #1 !

WOW ! That is quality !

Australia’s Best herbal Doc !
Australia’s Best herbal products, that actually work !
Only approved Doc and herbal products, that I can confidently recommend anyone and everyone, no matter what ailment ! Doc Steph can help you !

Sophia Hatziandreou (Merrylands, AU)
Love it!!

Your products are amazing thank you

John (Lampang, TH)

If I feel like something (sickness) is coming on I take Ech 4 x a day for 1or 2 day to knockout problem

Jon (Sydney, AU)
Great product !

Our family takes Echinacea Plus immediately when anyone of us feels any symptom of flu; for it stops the flu from its tracks.