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Thyroid Support
Enid Leak (Brisbane, AU)
Thyroid support

I have been using this product for around a month. I find it very easy to take, I have Hashimotos so I don't expect to find out if this has helped untill my next blood test.
,but in saying that I do feel a little more alert, with not so much brain fog. I would recommend you give it try.

Arter Ease
Michelle S., 4 weeks use. (Brisbane, AU)
6 Months use

I've been taking this product for six months now and finally have my blood pressure down to an acceptable level. I'm very happy I was able to do this without having to use pharmaceutical medications. Highly recommend! It takes a while to see good and steady results but is achievable.


I can see evidence with my blood pressure readings being lower.

Heart | Promotes Healthy Heart Function
Donna Arthur (Canberra, AU)
Arter ease and heart

Best thing since sliced bread. See my video - now off my western medication thanks to arter ease and heart tonic!. Arrhythmia is now normal for the first time, cholesterol way down and blood pressure is perfect. 3mnths I’ve been taking the herbs - and great results. Have big taking western medication since my heart attack in 2022 and no difference. Definitely try these herbs - they work.

Kidney Support
Nina (Sydney, AU)
Repeat order

I only ordered one bottle to see if it would help Mum conquer persistent UTIs and worsening incontinence. It has made a huge difference. I just ordered three more bottles.

Arter Ease
Suzanne Dohl (Sydney, AU)

I find this product to be intensely effective in keeping my blood pressure at a optimal level, thank you so much


I have never had a better breakfast try it and you will never eat a boxed cereal again nutrition in a glass never thought possible real food

Super Turmeric Combo Wonder Drops

A friend recommended this product and I'm so glad she did. I've been using the drops only once a day & I'm having great results already. Getting up is easier & I haven't dropped my coffee cup all month. I'm going to use more drops on those really bad days, like today, I have the flu so everything aches.

Super Turmeric Combo
Deborah (Sydney, CA)
It works

I have to say I am just see and feeling the effects of Super Turmeric Combo. I ordered 3 more bottles!! Thanks it really has helped me

High quality ingredients

I was very pleased with the quality of the Ultra gold.

Mountain Nutrition (Organic Green superfoodsO)

This product has made an enormous difference to my bowel evacuation. An excellent product.

Ed Green (Brisbane, AU)

Works really well for me.

Arter Ease
Pamela (Gold Coast, AU)
Cholesterol much improved

I have taken Arter Ease on and off for 3 years. Recently had blood test first time in more than 18 mths. Cholesterol greatly improved and HDL/LDL ratio also greatly improved. My husband is now taking this as he just had a heartattack and Dr was pushing him to take statins which he refused.

Herbal Eyebright
AviYah (Sydney, AU)
Herbal Eyebright

Amazing product!
Highly Recommend!

Arter Ease
Wendy Price (Grand Forks, CA)

Arter Ease

Salisi Vilisoni (Te Awamutu, NZ)

After taking arter-ease over a period of two months, cholesterol reading drop from 8.5 to 6.5 and I am looking forward to drop to it's normal level in my next blood test. Arter-ease definitely works. Thank you.

Arter Ease
Pete Watkins (Philadelphia, US)

Seems to be doing a good job. More energy and feel better

Super Turmeric Combo
laurence clarke (Perth, AU)
very good

very happy with product.

L -G Formula (Liver- Gallbladder Health)
Felicity Koentges (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Aim- clean up fatty liver

The jury is still out at present

Tooth and Gum
Sally Kalandyk (Brisbane, AU)
Tooth and Gum

It burns a bit, so I have reduced the amount otherwise I enjoy it

Super Turmeric Combo
Vivien Tung (Central, HK)
Super Anti-inflammatory herbal mix

The phlegm in my throat is gone seconds I took the mix.

Super Turmeric Combo
Making a difference!

And using this for about 25 days. I do feel it is helping with my arthritis in my knees. Definitely making a difference.

10 Day Super Cleanse
Sheryl Hutching (Tauranga, NZ)
10 day cleanse

Wow does it work, you have to be committed and follow instructions but you feel so good after the 10 day cleanse
Fill of energy and lighter

Arter Ease
Amy Dowler (Melbourne, AU)

I think it is good,does it clean out the aorta and arteries

Great product

Thank you so much for a awesome product. My blood pressure is back to normal levels.

Perth, WA